Restructure and Redundancy – how to do it well

As we come to the end of 12 weeks of the Wage Subsidy Scheme, we’re expecting another wave of restructures and redundancies. Some businesses have already made changes, the news is full of well-known businesses closing stores or reducing staff numbers. For many smaller businesses with less resources, we’ve been hearing plenty of examples of employers not following good processes when they have done this.

Failing to follow a proper process not only causes more stress for people during an already stressful time, it also adds to the risk of those people taking personal grievances against their employers. Staff who remain in the organisation are also impacted by a bad process as it can add to their stress and feelings of uncertainty about the future, as well as impacting their relationship with their employer.

So we’ve produced a free checklist to help businesses restructure, while keeping in mind that their employees are people who deserve to be treated with dignity.

Please get in contact with us if you would like further support with your change process.

Download the PDF

Written by Kirsty Allott

Posted on 11 Jun, 2020

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