Empowering Performance Together

You’ll notice that we’ve recently updated our website. We were excited about it, and not just because it’s shiny and new with stunning (eek!) photos. At the same time, we explored our values and our purpose – something we would normally do with clients as part of our coaching work. It was a challenging journey but so valuable for our business.

It can be difficult to clearly articulate what we do at Vargo + Lewis. The main reason for this is that what we offer is so diverse. One thing is easy to articulate though – it’s all about people.

“Empowering Performance Together” sums it up.

With our coaching philosophy at the heart of everything we do, the statement Empowering Performance Together really sums it up.

Sometimes we work with individuals – career coaching and planning, providing support during and following redundancy, or coaching leaders and business owners to develop themselves and their people.

Sometimes we work with teams – profiling and developing teams, helping people work more effectively together, improving self-awareness as well as awareness of team members drivers, and working through conflict within teams

Sometimes we work with organisations – providing insights through using survey tools or interviews, ensuring the right systems are in place for their people, in-house learning and development courses, reviewing workplace culture and supporting change processes.

Sometimes these all overlap, and we deal at all levels within the same organisation. See why it’s so hard to articulate? Whatever we do, our goal is always to empower our clients, individuals, teams and organisations, to thrive and be successful.

“Trusted Partner” is the common theme of feedback we receive.

We aim to work as a trusted, independent, knowledgeable business partner providing customised solutions to people challenges. It is great that this is the feedback we get. We love that our amazing clients care about their people and their businesses.

Let us know what’s happening with your people and how we might be able to help.

Written by Helen O'Neill

Posted on 23 May, 2021

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