Practical Application

TTI Success Insights has positioned itself as a world leader in the assessment industry through its validation of this suite of highly practical, research-based tools. With the support of an accredited consultant, people and organisations can benefit in many ways, including:

  • build and develop productive teams,
  • coach the development of professionals, managers and leaders,
  • manage organisational change, culture development and strategy planning,
  • ensure skills and behaviours match role requirements,
  • manage retention and engagement,
  • validate recruitment processes and use position benchmarking,
  • support career development and role transitions,
  • improve the reliability of the recruitment and selection process,
  • resolve conflict and
  • develop a greater understanding of effective communications in the workplace.

One to one debriefs, facilitated workshops, individual and team reports help people understand how to effectively communicate, appreciate each other's differences, lead teams and work productively in today's ever changing environments.



Knowledge of oneself is the biggest modifier of behaviour.

Vargo + Lewis – Accredited Providers

Vargo + Lewis consultants are accredited providers of TTI Success Insights® suite of profiling and assessment tools, providing you with sound and practical methodologies. The easily understood, practical reports are used to support action plans and outcomes, whether for teams, executives or the development of key professionals. The assessments are administered on-line and validated with a follow up debrief.

Following on from that, there may be a programme of executive / professional coaching to achieve defined business objectives or a team development workshop.. The knowledge gained through these tools is maximised through coaching that focuses on the strengths of individuals and teams, thereby increasing motivation and understanding of human behaviour and communications in the workplace.

Just give us a call to talk about your requirements. We will help you decide which assessment best suits your desired outcomes.

Vargo + Lewis also provide accreditation training and support. If you are a professional in consulting, coaching, mentoring, human resources, organisational development and career management, and wish to become accredited, let us know.