Professional Consultancy Services

Vargo + Lewis understand that there is continuous change to be managed in most organisations today. We provide objectivity, proven methodologies, expert knowledge and customised approaches that fit your organisation and culture. Our consultancy services include strategy development, presentations to the Board, executive coaching, workshops, seminars and key note speakers. Our professional consultants work with your Senior Leaders, Human Resource Managers, Organisational Development Managers and/or other leaders over a variety of areas critical to organisational success, including:


Our clients say...

"My employers and I recognised that I needed management coaching. The style of my consultant at Vargo + Lewis was inclusive and based upon an acute knowledge of human behaviour as well as management theory. This enabled me to improve my own management style as well as give me valuable personal insights and knowledge of how I am perceived by others."

James Branthwaite, Manager/Researcher

People strategy

  • Understand the critical frameworks for workforce career management
  • Attract and retain key skills for now and the future
  • Inspire staff to take responsibility for managing their own careers
  • Manage performance & enhance productivity
  • Implement 'Win-Win' strategies for managing an ageing workforce
  • Align learning & development with business needs and individuals
  • Support staff who do not fit the goals and direction of the organisation with positive options
  • Build teams and leaders who understand and utilise strengths to achieve business objectives

Leadership & coaching

  • Lead change & strategic direction with our expert guidance
  • Focus on key leadership skills through targeted executive coaching
  • Create mentoring partnerships with frameworks and outcomes
  • Grow people through proven coaching models & practical frameworks
  • Time to talk: make conversations with employees productive and meaningful
  • Develop, re-energise & motivate teams

Change & project management

  • Strategically plan & scope the changes ahead
  • Prepare change proposals and manage change projects
  • Conduct sound organisational reviews with our objectivity
  • Use staff survey tools to measure and gain feedback from staff and use it to plan for and implement meaningful change with ongoing measurement to ensure continual improvement
  • Use our experienced support through the process of restructuring
  • Provide employees with appropriate internal job transition support or external job transition, redundancy & outplacement programmes
  • Lead culture change initiatives that support people to align with organisational values and agreed behaviours
  • Manage contemporary workforce challenges, such as skill shortages, retention and an ageing workforce through Workforce Career Management.

Core leadership development modules

Vargo + Lewis are experienced providers of consulting, training, coaching and mentoring over a wide range of topics, including the following core leadership modules. Talk to us about customising a workshop or coaching programme to suit senior leaders, managers/team leaders or general staff including:

  • Executive / Management Coaching
  • Team Leadership & Development
  • Leadership through Career Management
  • Leadership through Coaching
  • Leading Workplace Resilience.

Vargo + Lewis's Core Leadership Modules can be facilitated in groups, one to one or a combination of both to embed learning into the workplace. With our experience, you will get what you need to support your team to achieve desired results. These are only a sample of what we offer. Our approach is to, first of all, listen to you, learn about your organisation and understand your needs. Only then, will we discuss a way forward.

Contact us about your team or organisation and we will work with you to develop strategies that achieve the outcomes you need.

Workforce career management

Our professional consultants work with you to develop strategies for managing the talent in your workplace. Encouraging employees to take responsibility for managing their careers in ways that benefit both them and the organisation will make those learning and development discussions easy and productive.

We take a strategic approach to Workforce Career Management, working with leaders to customise employee development opportunities that support the desired culture and business direction. Here are some of our core programmes.

Talk with us and we will send you an information flyer on the programme that meets your needs.