Individuals – Targeted Career Programmes

To establish direction for your career and lifestyle, our professional career specialists offer in depth, individual and independent coaching.

Career Programmes

Whatever your phase of life, we have a career programme to meet your needs. Your consultant will work with you to customise your programme. Through a structured approach, you will be supported to explore the career, study or life path best suited to you. These career programmes are:

In-depth - Multiple sessions provide you with the inspiration, structure and follow up needed to gain focus. Independent - Career coaching and advice that is objective and independent of any education, training or employment business. Individual - Comprehensive coaching that is specifically tailored to help you define your career direction.

Customised Career Programmes include

Career Development – Young Adults

Uncover the best fit for your future! Establish direction and clarity of focus while taking well researched career action steps.

Career Management – Mid-Career

Keep fit for the job! Take control of your career future by exploring options, role fit and career strategies.

Personal Succession Planning – 50+

Make the best of the next step of your life! Construct a purposeful future in a world that gives us different options, and challenges, than the traditional retirement of past generations.

Our career programmes involve individually tailored one-on-one sessions. We work alongside you throughout the programme, helping you to gain focus, confidence and clarity.


Our clients report outcomes and benefits

"After finishing school, our daughter decided on a gap year to explore her options. As the months rolled on, it was clear that she wasn't getting anywhere fast. Through the Young Adult Career Development programme with Vargo + Lewis, our daughter was supported with a framework to explore options. She received excellent guidance through the maze of choices and took responsibility for research and decision-making. This programme has helped her gain clarity and direction. We strongly recommend this to other young people."

Aneen Ingram, Social Services Employment Advisor & Mum of Young Adult

"Through the Recareering Programme, I was made aware of my full skill base. It was valuable to be challenged by my consultant, who helped me decide on a course of direction after analysis of options. Reflecting on where I am at in life at present and the way forward was very useful."

Ian Lucas, Self Employed


Career development – young adults

Uncover the best fit for your future!

Career Development is customised to assist young people (school leavers or Year 13 to age 24) who are unsure of their career options, yet ready to move on to the next stage. It has been designed to establish direction and clarity of focus, supporting you to take well researched career action steps. The programme provides multiple, well-structured indepth sessions with an experienced, objective career consultant. Assessment of your core values, interests, experience and skills is combined with exploration of options that fit the development of your action plan.

Career management – mid career

Keep fit for the job!

Career Management is for those who have established themselves in work, may have tried more than one career path, or have developed themselves in a career area. Whatever your work path has been up to this point, you want to progress or make a change. Our career consulting is designed to support you to reassess your talents and values, clarify your transferable skills, build skills that enable you to find and capture opportunities, develop goals and put into action the steps to success. Includes professional materials from our toolbox of resources. We will customise a programme that meets your needs.

Personal Succession Planning – 50+

Make the best of the next step of your life!

This programme is designed for those who are looking to redefine the place of work in their lives as they move into a new life stage. ‘Personal Succession Planning’ will inspire you to explore what you want to take with you and what you prefer to leave behind on this career/life journey. You will create a vision based on your enthusiasms, lifestyle choices, strengths and values – finding practical ways to construct a purposeful future in a world that gives us different options (and challenges) than the traditional retirement of past generations.

You are welcome to do this consultant led programme, in part or in whole, with someone who has a stake in the outcome. This will most often be a family member but could also be a business partner. Includes customised resources and expertly guided sessions with a professional consultant.