Individuals – Targeted Career Coaching Modules

Your consultant will help you choose from our comprehensive range of targeted career modules. These targeted modules are designed to provide you with up to date advice and resources to meet specific career needs.

Targeted Career Modules

Career assessment profile

Through assessments and application of results with the consultant, identify your:

  • Transferable skills, career values and perceived constraints
  • Key work motivations, communication style, the value you add to an organisation

Finding your best career opportunities

Increase your knowledge and understanding of the current job market.

  • Identify and find out more about what “good” career options are for you
  • Develop an action plan and put the best ‘you’ forward to the marketplace


Our clients report outcomes and benefits

"The interview was gruelling, intensive and delightful! They kept asking questions that, at first, I would think I couldn't answer. Suddenly, I would have these incredible responses. It was an experience of being reminded of who I am and what I have accomplished in my life. Thanks to Vargo + Lewis for your partnership. I have regained sight of myself again as a talented and gifted human being."

Barbara Tipples, Qualified Teacher

"I am really enjoying my new job. It is fair to say that I feel like a jigsaw puzzle piece that has just fallen into place – and the fit is great! I personally recommend Vargo + Lewis to anyone interested in finding a career path that gives them the motivation and direction needed to move into a new and exciting career path. This journey has given me a new perspective on myself and what I can offer an employer. I also know what steps to take to make things happen!"

Rachael Lynch, Business Development Consultant

Cirriculum vitae development

Apply proven techniques to create a powerful CV or 1-page resume.

  • Tailor your CV or resume to a specific job or industry
  • Develop a resume that helps you find opportunities that suit

Extended programme develops successful job application skills.

Job interview skills coaching

Overcome the anxiety of interviews, be prepared. Learn how you can:

  • Manage job interviews with confidence
  • Respond to the hard questions and prepare your own questions

Successful career planning

Focus on the right job or role 'fit' for you by understanding how your behaviour style adds value to an employer. Includes a comprehensive personal report and debrief with the consultant. Key factors include:

  • Ideal work environment and your key motivations
  • Your preferred management style and keys to communicating
  • Career options that match your style

What to do next

To determine if you are ready for coaching, try answering the questions on our Readiness for Coaching Audit.
Phone our offices to discuss your situation with one of our consultants or, simply book into a programme.