career planning

Time for a career or job change?

Time for a career or job change?

As professionals, we are often better at talking to our team about their career aspirations but often don't stop and spend the time thinking about and planning our own career. Having a career coach can be hugely valuable in working out what's next for you and how you're going to make it happen.

The Agile Career Today

In days gone by a career path was linear, there was a hierarchy to work your way up and a perceived sideways or backward step could be seen as a failure. Today careers are varied and ever moving, what we like to refer to as “agile”. An agile career path is about uncovering opportunities that will help you towards your goals in a less linear fashion.

Strategic Career Management is a Process, not an Event

"Why would anyone want to manage their career when they have a job?"

A sound Career Management process is about taking active steps that demonstrate leadership of one’s own career.